Siasos R&D has been founded by Alexandros Siasos in 2011 and offers a variety of services that include engineering consultancy and also research and development of new tools, products viewed from the perspective of mechanical engineering. Also, we are the first consultancy in Greece that offers value added services dedicated to manufacturing and CNC machining.

Starting in 2013, we offer high level of technical training regarding the CNC programming and machining, and the creation of valid engineering drawings according to ISO standards. Our training services aim to the products and parts manufacturing sector.

Alexandros Siasos
MSc, Mechanical Engineer
Researcher/PhD Candidate


Driven by his intrinsic enthusiasm about mechanical engineering, Alexandros graduated from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in top 4% and in 4.5 instead of 5 years which is the normal duration of the studies. After graduation he became a Researcher and Doctorate Student at the Manufacturing Technology Division of Mechanical Engineering School of NTUA. As a PhD candidate he researches new innovative ways to reduce the cost of design, development and manufacture of textile reinforced composite products, and increase the repeatability and reliability of the manufacturing procedure.

His solid knowledge of the methods regarding the research and development of new products, and his expertise in modern manufacturing methods are integrated given his familiarity with the CAx philosophies (where x= Design, Engineer, Manufacture) and computer programming.

In 2013, the “CNC Programming” and the “Engineering Drawing and GD&T” Seminars were first organized and many professionals have been benefitted since then by the value added vocational training and the targeted technical consulting.

Additionally to the services that he offers as a professional mechanical engineer, Alexandros is an accredited Lecturer of University of Derby for the BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering Programme at Mediterranean College – he teaches the following modules: Engineering Design and Workshop Technology (Level 4), Computer Aided Design (Level 4), Materials and Manufacturing Processes (Level 4), Engineering Design Modelling (Level 5), Design for Manufacture and Materials Optimization (Level 5), Advanced Engineering Design Modelling (Level 6).